Engagement and Communication [WP1]

We think science communication important and so we made it our first Work Package. The communication of our science goes beyond traditional dissemination. We are coproducing our research with key stakeholders to ensure that HELIX research and communication best meets their needs, develops new thinking to better understand our audiences and improve the communication of climate change, embrace and develop conventional and novel online tools to propagate results as widely as possible.


  1. Engage stakeholders, policy-makers, opinion-makers and researchers in the co-design of our research through dialogue during and outside stakeholder meetings
  2. Develop and use new thinking to better present climate change information, deliver complex or ‘unwelcome' messages of high-end climate change while empowering policy formulation and public support
  3. Deliver and diffuse results and context through our website and social media
  4. Develop a HELIXscope online data visualization engine and climate analogy atlas to engage people with potential future climate and uncertainties.

Asher Minns describes the role of HELIX's engagement and communication Workpackage (1.5 minute video)

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