High-End cLimate Impacts and eXtremes (HELIX)

At HELIX we are assisting decision-makers and the research community in making adaptation to our changing climate more understandable and manageable by providing a set of credible, coherent, global and regional views of different worlds at 2, 4 and 6°C, with further focus on delivering the knowledge needs of Northern Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Europe.
Here is Professor Richard Betts, the project Director at the University of Exeter and the Met Office, describing the HELIX project (1.5 minute video).

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The long and short of 1.5oC

by Professor Richard Betts , University of Exeter and Met Office Hadley Centre The Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial, and to ‘pursue efforts’ to stay below 1.5°C.  But last year, global temperature was more than 1°C above...

Is CO2 fertilisation our get-out-of-jail-free card?

Response to Matt Ridley by Richard Betts In Monday's Times newspaper, Matt Ridley wrote an article entitled: "Now here’s the good news on global warming: Activists may want to shut down debate, but evidence is growing that high CO2 levels boost crops and nourish the oceans". He cited my...

Poster: Flood risk assessment in Europe at 4ºC global warming

In this work, ensemble projections of river streamflow based on seven EURO-CORDEX RCP 8.5 scenarios are combined with recent advances in European flood hazard and risk mapping to assess changes in flood risk in Europe for the current century. Flood risk assessment in Europe at 4ºC global...

See Storify for our annual Assembly

Our Assembly this year includes a public discussion exploring potential connections between environmental migrants and climate change, you can see us at Storify . We are this year at the University of Liege, hosted by @ Gemenne .   

Improving glacial behaviour for climate modelling, poster @climatparis2015 conference

Livelihoods and ecosystems in Northern South Asia are influenced by the behaviour of Himalayan glaciers as they move and melt and feed the river valleys with runoff. Sarah Shannon at the University of Exeter is improving the understanding of a glacier’s behaviour for incorporating into the...