Engaging children with climate change through Theatre

HELIX is sponsoring two major climate change communication events to engage the general public. On Saturday 22 October at the Norwich Science Festival in the UK is the participatory discovery trail Theatre for families, ‘You’re Getting Warmer

Hurry – we don’t have much time! The Three and a Half Degrees Gang are on their way, and you are our only hope of slowing them down. Everywhere they go they are getting people hot and bothered. Agent Zero and Professor Helix need your help to save the Marsh Warbler bird before The Gang catch up with you. Are you up to the task of taking on this mission? You’re Getting Warmer is an outdoor adventure for families and small groups of five, that explores the effects of climate change in the UK. Armed with a smartphone and specialist app technology, you and your family are agents for change, hunting down clues and interacting on your mission to stall the Three and a Half Degrees Gang.