High-end climate is new territory for the European Conference on Climate Adaptation

HELIX researchers are this week presenting in Copenhagen at the major European Conference on Climate Adaptation (ECCA2015) where around 1000 experts gather to present and discuss their findings. Glasgow is the host city of the next conference ECCA2017, to be organised by the three FP7 sister-projects on high-end climate change, IMPRESSIONS, RISES-AM and HELIX. Sessions and presentations at ECCA2015 include:

High-end climate change: Can we adapt to extreme futures? Wednesday 13 May
Chaired by Paula Harrison,  Richard Betts, Agustin Sanchez-Arcilla

Betts, R.: Scenarios of climate change impacts and adaptation above 2oC global warming

Alfieri, L.: Ensemble evaluation of the future flood risk in Europe under high-end climate scenario

Rounsevell, M.: Evaluating the performance of models of impacts and adaptation under high-end climate change

Sanchez-Arcilla, A.: Adaptive coastal zones: A concept to improve natural resilience in the face of climate change

Frantzeskaki, N.: Linking transformative visions, pathways and solutions to high-end climate change: A systems approach

Science-policy panel with:  Gemmer, M., Manoli, E., Betts, R.,  Sanchez-Arcilla, A.

Presentations in other sessions include:
Sven Willner, AD Dobler, KF FrielerAL Levermann, Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany, a presentation on: Extreme floods – an assessment of direct and indirect economic impacts on the global supply network
Mehmet Kutluay, VU University, Netherlands, a presentation on: Valuing malaria morbidity: Results from a global meta-analysis
Katy Richardson, UK Met Office on behalf of Kirsty Lewis, a poster on: Mapping high-end climate change: the Human dynamics of climate change project
Julia Blocher,  Universite de Liege,  Belguim, a poster on: From alarmist narratives to adaption: an institutional turn in EU’s response to climate change and environment-induced migration