Regional Focus Sub-Saharan Africa (Northern Hemisphere) [WP8]

Our aim has been to engage closely with stakeholders with interests in the northern hemisphere regions of sub-Saharan Africa to identify their requirements and needs within the perspective of the project to ensure that the outputs address these needs. We have tested and improved climate and impacts modelling against data in the three regions of Africa. We used the regionally calibrated climate and impact model framework to assess the impacts of climate change in the focused regions of Africa implied by the current state-of-the-art regional climate projections.

We continue to work towards improving the understanding of the socio-economic aspects of climate change in the selected regions of Africa.

We presented our research in the form of Reports and Deliverables:

Deliverable 8.1 Stakeholder needs report

Deliverable 8.2 CORDEX and CMIP5 Model Based Biophysical Impacts Assessment in Northern Hemisphere Sub-Sahara Africa

Deliverable 8.3 Technical report detailing the results from the uncertainty and sensitivity analysis (Northern Hemisphere Sub-Sahara Africa)

Deliverable 8.4 Technical report at the end of the project detailing the results from coupling various models

Deliverable 8.5 Technical report detailing the results from the adaptation assessment using new impact projections

Deliverable 8.6 Policy brief summarising assessment of impacts of SWLS in Northern Hemisphere Sub-Saharan Africa