Crops growing. Winterhaven, California, United States.

Harvests in the US to suffer from climate change

Some of the most important crops risk substantial damage from rising temperatures. To better assess how climate change caused by human greenhouse gas emissions will likely impact wheat, maize and soybean, an international team of scientists now ran an unprecedentedly comprehensive set of computer simulations of US crop yields. The simulations were shown to reproduce […]

Art engages people with climate change

Art engages people with climate change – our film

HELIX sponsored a major climate change communication event to engage the general public, seen by nearly 26k people. Respond: Climate Change was a unique exhibition in October 2017, bringing together four contemporary artists to explore the issue of climate change, in a very public space, at The Forum, during the fiurst Norwich Science Festival The […]

The hottest month in history

Under high-end scenarios, our regional temperature increase could be between 3.7°C and 5.7°C, writes Professor Saiful Islam of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), writing for the Dhaka Tribune with Meraz Mostafa. The hottest month in history

We’ve made a list of our recent publications

We think this a good list for a research project that is now half-way through. These are publications from authors who work within HELIX. For publications arising from HELIX funding, please see If you cannot access any of these titles, the author will be happy to send you a copy. 2016 N. W. Arnell, S. Brown, […]