Communicating unwelcome climate messages, poster @climatparis2015 conference

People from a range of disciplinary and organisational backgrounds discussed how the challenges of ‘high-end’ climate scenarios can most effectively be communicated. Participants suggested that unless the complexity of dealing with the thousands of decisions that might be affected by high-end climate change can be simplified, and the emotional implications are handled sensitively, simply presenting audiences […]

Returning to the language of ‘climate refugees’

In this opinion piece, ‘One good reason to speak of ‘climate refugees’ HELIX researcher, Francois Gemenne argues that Climate change is rooted in the inequalities between rich and poor; and migration is the mode through which these inequalities materialise, suggesting the language used to describe those migrating as a reaction to climate change affects the way in which they are perceived and treated […]

High-end climate is new territory for the European Conference on Climate Adaptation

HELIX researchers are this week presenting in Copenhagen at the major European Conference on Climate Adaptation (ECCA2015) where around 1000 experts gather to present and discuss their findings. Glasgow is the host city of the next conference ECCA2017, to be organised by the three FP7 sister-projects on high-end climate change, IMPRESSIONS, RISES-AM and HELIX. Sessions and presentations […]

100 year floods twice as likely in the next three decades at current high-end emissions

Early HELIX results from Lorenzo Alfieri suggest that European flood risk could be higher than previously thought under the highest emissions scenario of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Lorenzo’s research is also assessing high-end impacts on coastal flooding, crops, and energy demand, further results to come soon. Watch Lorenzo’s Press Briefing at the Conference […]

The Challenge of Communicating Unwelcome Climate Messages – see the live scribed visual record

Our workshop, 16-17 April 2015, mixed together climate scientists, social scientists, policymakers and planners, development, artists, psychologists, media people, and communication specialists from public and private sector for interdisciplinary perspectives on the Challenge of Communicating Climate Messages. Here we present the outcomes as live scribing, drawn as the workshop unfolded. A Briefing Note will follow […]