Regional Focus- Europe [WP7]

The focus for our HELIX case-studies have been Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa in the Northern Hemisphere, and North-East Indian sub-continent. These regions represent a variety of scientific challenges and socio-economic situations which allows the global information and understanding, from HELIX research in the global workpackages, to be compared and made useful at regional-scale. The regional focus has also been an essential route for our stakeholder engagement, by facilitating local-level interactions between scientists and users of scientific information.

Reports and deliverables by WP7:

Deliverable 7.2 Fast-track assessment of biophysical impacts and selected socio-economic impacts at 4°C using EURO CORDEX RCM projections

Deliverable 7.3 Evaluation of regional impact models against observed trends or recent extreme events

Deliverable 7.4 Improved assessment of impacts in Europe for SWLs including uncertainties

Deliverable 7.5 Detailed assessment of biophysical and socio-economic impact of regional climate change in Europe based on new high-resolution RCM projection

Deliverable 7.6 Policy brief summarising assessment of impacts of SWLS in Europe including uncertainties